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February 2003
Print ISBN: 9780889614086
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The issue of veiling has been remarkably under-researched and over-ideologized. In recent years, the adoption of the veil has come to symbolize a brave expression of choice: women reaching out to tradition, but hoping it will not jeopardize their place in the larger North American society. It is with this in mind that the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) invited scholars in the fields of anthropology, history, sociology, and Islamic studies to carry out a systematic study of issues surrounding different practices of the hijab among Muslim communities. This book is the result of that study.

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Table of Contents

Introduction - Homa Hoodfar, Sajida S. Alvi and Sheila McDonough

PART I: Veiling Practices in Everyday Life in Canada

Chapter 1: More Than Clothing: Veiling as an Adaptive Strategy
Homa Hoodfar

Chapter 2: Coding Dress: Gender and the Articulation of Identity in a Canadian Muslim School
Patricia Kelly Spurles

Chapter 3: Banners of Faith and Identities in Construct: The Hijab in Canada
Reem A. Meshal

Chapter 4: Voices of Muslim Women
Sheila McDonough

Chapter 5: Perceptions of the Hijab in Canada
Sheila McDonough

PART II: Women Revisiting Texts and the Veiling Discourse

Chapter 6: Muslim Women and Islamic Religious Tradition: A Historical Overview and Contemporary Issues
Sajida S. Alvi

Chapter 7: Women's Modesty in Qur'anic Commentaries: The Founding Discourse
Soraya Hajjaji-Jarrah

Chapter 8: Hijab According to the Hadith: Text and Interpretation
L. Clarke


Sajida Sultana Alvi

Sajida Sultana Alvi is Professor of Indo-Islamic History and holder of the Chair in Urdu Language and Culture at McGill University.

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