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Join the editors of the forthcoming publication Trans Youth Stories, in a roundtable discussion with some of their academic contributors, at 3:00pm EST on May 31st, 2021! Click here to register.

Dr. Lindsay Herriot, Kate Fry, and their guests will discuss working directly with trans, non-binary, Two Spirit, and otherwise non-cisgender youth, the Gender Generations Project, and the creative work that grew into their forthcoming book projects with both Women’s Press and Orca Book Publishers.

We'll be giving away two copies of the book and providing a 15% discount code available to all attendees, valid on canadianscholars.com May 31 - June 4, 2021.

Trans Youth Stories will be available from Women’s Press August 2021. To learn more about the book and the Gender Generations Project please visit gendergenerations.org.

More about the Books:

The Gender Generations Project (formerly titled the Trans Tipping Point) is a series of retreats and workshops for trans, non-binary, Two Spirit, and otherwise non-cisgender youth. At these events, youth are paired with mentors and work collaboratively to engage in creative projects of self-expression in the realms of fine arts, such as writing, visual art, and performance. The works being generated evolved into two book projects: one for post-secondary education and one for youth.

Trans Youth Stories is an essential sourcebook that organizes the brilliant creative work of trans youth from the Gender Generations Project along side a series of academic responses born from leading scholars and mentors engaging in discussion with youth creators. Combining academia and first-hand accounts this book is designed for courses in education, gender studies, child and youth care, counselling and more.

The first-hand creative expressions of trans youth were also collected into a volume entitled Growing Up Trans, forthcoming from Orca Book Publisher. Growing Up Trans bookends these creative works with tools and tips from the youth and their mentors for all young people, transgender or not, that will build understanding, acceptance and support for the trans community.