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Women’s Press
366 pages
5.5 x 8.5 inches
December 1997
Print ISBN: 9780889612242


The New Midwifery offers a critical perspective on women's reproductive health and midwifery issues. This incisive collection of essays examines the impact of professionalization, legalization, and state involvement on women-centred care and on the perspectives of midwifery consumers. Midwives and social scientists from a variety of cultural identities, political perspectives, geographical locations, and education and training backgrounds reflect, in clear and accessible language, on the legislative processes involved in the regulation of midwifery. Given that legalization of what has, until recently, been a lay practitioners arena promises to be the wave of the future for many jurisdictions, parents-to-be, policy makers, health care workers, educators, and the general public will find The New Midwifery invaluable in learning more about the re-emerging profession.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Midwifery—from Rebellion to Regulation: The Rebirth of an Ancient Calling – Farah M. Shroff

SECTION I: Midwifery, Diversity and New Agreements with the State
A Path Towards Reclaiming Nishnawbe Birth Culture: Can the Midwifery Exemption Clause for Aboriginal Midwives Make a Difference? – Carol Couchie and Herbert Nabigon
Colonized Wombs – Sapna Patel and Iman Al-Jazairi
Experiences of Mothers with Disabilities and Implications For the Practice of Midwifery – Pat Israel
Professionalizing Canadian Midwifery: Sociological Perspectives – Cecilia Benoit
Midwives and Safe Motherhood: International Perspectives – Carol Hird and Brian Burtch

SECTION II: State Regulation of Midwifery Across Canada
Becoming Regulated: The Re-emergence of Midwifery in British Columbia – J. Alison Rice
Regulation: Changing the Face of Midwifery? – Susan James
Ontario Midwifery in Transition: An Exploration of Midwives’ Perceptions of the Impact of Midwifery Legislation in its First Year – Mary Sharpe
Prior Learning Assessment for Midwives and the TECMI-Coloured Dreamcoat – Farah M. Shroff, with Amy Hlaing and Betty Wu-Lawrence
All Petals of the Flower: Celebrating the Diversity of Ontario’s Birthing Women within the First-Year Midwifery Curriculum – Farah M. Shroff
Opinions of Certified and Lay Midwives About Midwifery In Quebec: Perspectives for the Future of Their Profession – Marie Hatem-Asmar and Régis Blais
Midwifery in Atlantic Canada – Charlene MacLellan
Community Birthing Project: Northwest Territories – Maureen Morewood-Northrop
Closing Questions – Farah M. Shroff



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