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Canadian Scholars’ Press,Women’s Press
240 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
May 2016
Print ISBN: 9780889615854


Politics and Sex demonstrates how the “private” is also a site of power. The study of politics is traditionally founded on a fundamental distinction between the public and private spheres. Focusing on the particular challenges faced by women, author Edna Keeble interrogates the relationship between the desire to control female sexuality and gender inequality in a broader political context.

This introductory text brings together a diverse collection of issues including body image, body politics, the veiling of women, female genital mutilation or cutting, rape and sexual violence, pornography, and prostitution, and will encourage informed conversations about gender and sexuality in the political science classroom.

Edna Keeble takes a much-needed feminist liberal perspective through which readers can engage with questions of gender, culture, public policy, and human rights. Each chapter is rich with pedagogical features, including lists of recommended films, video clips, websites, and additional readings. Interdisciplinary in nature, this text is a welcome resource for courses in political science, politics and sex, women and politics, and contemporary politics.

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Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Politics and Sex: A Feminist Liberal Perspective

Chapter 2: Body Politics

Chapter 3: The Veiling of Women

Chapter 4: Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

Chapter 5: Rape and Sexual Violence

Chapter 6: Pornography

Chapter 7: Prostitution and Trafficking

Concluding Comments: Politics and Sex Revisited



“This book provides an excellent overview of an interesting and important subject in the study of politics. Ideal for an undergraduate introductory course on sex and politics, students will come away from this with a solid understanding of a wide range of topics related to gender, sexuality, and the state.”
—  Dr. Amanda Bittner, Political Science, Memorial University

“I think this book could be a game-changer in terms of its focus on sexuality and the individual, its promotion of feminist liberalism, and the unique combination of important contemporary issues and perspectives addressed. I will definitely be using this book.”
—  Dr. Meredith Ralston, Women’s Studies, Mount Saint Vincent University

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