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Women’s Press
288 pages
5.25 x 7.75 inches
January 2005
Print ISBN: 9781894549479


In this remarkable story for children, Annette LeBox teaches readers the importance of protecting the environment. Tess loves the spectacular sandhill cranes that live in the marsh near her new home. However, after discovering that the cranes' sanctuary is at risk of destruction, she, with the help of Clara, the wonderful bird woman, and her pet crane Tabi, embarks on an extraordinary adventure to protect the sandhills.

Table of Contents


Willowcreek Farm

Birds of a Feather


Uncle Randall's Project


Unexpected Events

The Bird Woman

More About Cranes


Stormy Weather


Secret Plans

Operation Crane

Near Disaster

On the Home Front

A Difficult Dance

A New Approach

A Large Family

A Notebook and a Pocket Watch

A Fine Seam

A Promise Fulfilled

Family Secrets


Four Big "Birds"






Crane Testimony

Under the Willow Tree

A Different Season

Author's Afterword
Glossary of Birds


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