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June 2018
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A critical introduction to key theories and concerns, Gender and Women’s Studies celebrates a range of influential feminist thought on topics of race, class, ability, age, rights, and sexuality. Broad in scope, this collection features multiple genres of work and covers an array of disciplinary focuses with Indigenous, racialized, disabled, and queer voices prominent among the variety of perspectives included.

This thoroughly updated second edition contains more photos, infographics, and artworks as well as updated reflections on developments in the media and activist movements. In addition, new chapters have been added on issues surrounding sex work as labour, the politics of veiling in Canada, trans and gender queer-identities, and Indigenous sovereignty.

Concerned with the past, present, and future of gender identity and gendered representation, this remarkable anthology is perfect for use in introductory courses in gender studies and women’s studies at universities across Canada.


  • comprised of scholarly articles, news clips, fact sheets, poetry, fiction, and blog posts
  • features essays by Jessica Valenti, bell hooks, Afua Cooper, and Gloria Steinem

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Table of Contents


Introduction: Mapping the Terrain of Gender and Women’s Studies

Part 1A: This Is What a Feminist Looks Like
CHAPTER 1: Excerpts from Feminism Is for Everybody, bell hooks
CHAPTER 2: What’s Feminism Done for Me Lately? Victoria Bromley
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 1: Bad Feminist Manifesto, Roxanne Gay
CHAPTER 3: Feminism Is for Everybody: Aboriginal Women, Feminism, and Diversity, Verna St. Denis
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 2: Activist Insight: Alice Walker (1944–)
CHAPTER 4: The Historical Case for Feminism, Estelle Freedman
CHAPTER 5: Overview and Introductions: This Is What a Feminist Looks Like, Shira Tarrant

Part 1B: Diversity and Intersectionality
CHAPTER 6: Why Intersectionality Can’t Wait, Kimberlé Crenshaw
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 3: The Dangers of a Single Story, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
CHAPTER 7: The Myth of Shared Womanhood and How It Perpetuates Inequality, Mia McKenzie
CHAPTER 8: Intersectional Feminist Frameworks: A Primer, Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW)
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 4: Conceptualizing Intersectionality
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 5: Activist Insight: Sojourner Truth (1797–1883)
CHAPTER 9: Reformulating the Feminist Perspective: Giving Voice to Women with Disabilities, Neita Kay Israelite and Karen Swartz

Part 1C: Accounting for Inequalities
CHAPTER 10: The Question of Gender, Raewyn Connell and Rebecca Pearse
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 6: Because it’s 2016! Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA)
CHAPTER 11: Conceptual Guide to the Unpaid Work Module, Marion Werner et al.
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 7: Unpaid Work: A Global View

Part 2A: The Construction of Sexed Bodies
CHAPTER 12: Introduction to Beyond the Natural Body, Nelly Oudshoorn
ACTIVIST ART 1: Assigned Male, Sophie Labelle
CHAPTER 13: How the Practice of Sex-Testing Targets Female Olympic Athletes, Kate Allen
CHAPTER 14: Contesting Intersex, Georgiann Davis
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 8: Defining Genitals: Who Will Make Room for the Intersexed?
CHAPTER 15: Duelling Dualisms, Anne Fausto-Sterling

Part 2B: The Making of “Difference” and Inequalities
CHAPTER 16: Women’s Brains, Stephen Gould
CHAPTER 17: Freaks and Queers, Eli Clare
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 9: Imagining Disability Futures, Alison Kafer
ACTIVIST ART 2: Pink Hands, Alison Lapper
CHAPTER 18: Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving? Lila Abu Lughod
ACTIVIST ART 3: Technicolor Muslimah, Saba Chaudhry Barnard

Part 2C: Gender Construction and Performativity
CHAPTER 19: A Fabulous Child’s Story, Lois Gould
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 11: Understanding Masculinities: The Work of R.W. Connell
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 12: It’s the Masculinity, Stupid! Jackson Katz and Jeremy Earp
CHAPTER 20: Gender in Personal Life, Raewyn Connell and Rebecca Pearse
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 13: Transfeminist Terms and Concepts, A. Finn Enke
CHAPTER 21: Between the Village and the Village People: Negotiating Community, Ethnicity, and Safety in Gender Fluid Parenting, May Friedman
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 14: Men and Feminism, The White Ribbon Campaign
CHAPTER 22: Troubling Genders, Subverting Identities: An Interview with Judith Butler, Vasu Reddy and Judith Butler

Part 2D: The Construction of Sexuality
CHAPTER 23: Becoming 100 Percent Straight, Michael A. Messner
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 15: The Heterosexual Questionnaire, Martin Rochlin
CHAPTER 24: The Ethics of Genetic Research on Sexual Orientation, Udo Schüklenk, Edward Stein, Jacinta Kerin, and William Byne
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 16: Homophobia, Heterosexism and Heteronomativity
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 17: The “Fruit Machine,” Sherry Aske and Trevor Pritchard
CHAPTER 25: Loving Women in the Modern World, Leila J. Rupp
CHAPTER 26: Embodying Self-Determination: Beyond the Gender Binary, Sarah Hunt
CHAPTER 27: “Stand Up” for Exclusion? Queer Pride, Ableism and Inequality, Estelle Peers and Lindsay Eales

Part 3A: Thinking about Difference and Identity
CHAPTER 28: Stereotyping as a Signifying Practice, Stuart Hall
CHAPTER 29: Undoing the “Package Picture” of Cultures, Uma Narayan
ACTIVIST ART 4: Miss Canadiana, Camille Turner
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 18: How to Know if You Are White, Mia McKenzie
CHAPTER 30: Women’s Experience of Racism: How Race and Gender Interact, Marika Morris, Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW)
CHAPTER 31: The Hall of Shame: Lies, Masks, and Respectful Femininity, Amita Handa
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 19: Activist Insight: Franchesca Ramsey on Microaggressions and Being an Ally

Part 3B: Histories and Legacies of Colonialism and Imperialism
CHAPTER 32: The Secret of Slavery in Canada, Afua Cooper
ACTIVIST ART 5: You Are My Sunshine, Wangechi Mutu
CHAPTER 33: Black Women Rage, Wendy Brathwaite
CHAPTER 34: The Construction of a Negative Identity, Kim Anderson
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 20: Colonization and the Indian Act
ACTIVIST ART 6: Indian Act, Nadia Myre
CHAPTER 35: Regulating Native Identity by Gender, Bonita Lawrence
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 21: Colonization and Residential Schools
ACTIVIST ART 7: Anishinaabe-kwe’s Resilience, Shirley Ida Williams nee Pheasant

Part 3C: Indigenous Women: Resistance and Resurgence
CHAPTER 36: Nishnaabeg Resurgence: Stories from Within, Leanne Simpson
CHAPTER 37: The Braiding Histories Stories, Susan Dion and Michael Dion
CHAPTER 38: Cattle Thief, E. Pauline Johnson
CHAPTER 39: I Am Not Your Princess, Chrystos
CHAPTER 40: “You Can’t Change the Indian Act?” Shirley Bear with the Tobique Women’s Group
CHAPTER 41: The Eagle Has Landed: Native Women, Leadership, and Community Development, Sylvia Maracle

Part 4A: Cultural Representations and the Creation of Desire
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 22: Fast Facts about Sexualization and Marketing to Girls, Sharon Lamb, Lyn Mikel Brown and Peggy Orenstein, and Gender Play, Sharon Lamb and Lyn Mikel Brown
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 23: Ways of Seeing, John Berger
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 24: “Eating the Other”: Desire and Resistance, bell hooks
CHAPTER 42: Postfeminist Media Culture: Elements of a Sensibility, Rosalind Gill
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 25: Disney’s Version of Girlhood, Sharon Lamb and Lyn Mikel Brown, and Questions for Critical Viewing, Sharon Lamb and Lyn Mikel Brown
CHAPTER 43: The Trouble with White Feminism: Whiteness, Digital Feminism and the Intersectional Internet, Jessie Daniels
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 26: Activist Insight: Suey Park #NotYourAsianSidekick
CHAPTER 44: Globalization, Corporate Nationalism and Masculinity in Canada: Sport, Molson Beer Advertising and Consumer Citizenship, Steven Jackson

Part 4B: Regulating Bodies and Desires
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 27: If Men Could Menstruate: A Political Fantasy, Gloria Steinem
CHAPTER 45: Why Is America So Obsessed with Virginity? Anastasia Kousakis and Jessica Valenti
ACTIVIST ART 8: Cliteracy, 100 Natural Laws and Άδάμας (unconquerable), Sophia Wallace
CHAPTER 46: The Facilities, Ivan Coyote
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 28: The New Sex Ed, Forward Together

Part 4C: Beauty Projects: Conformity and Resistance
CHAPTER 47: Through the Mirror of Beauty Culture, Carla Rice
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 29: Activist Insight: Intersectional Body Activism
CHAPTER 48: Body Beautiful/Body Perfect: Where Do Women with Disabilities Fit In? Francine Odette

Part 4D: Politics of Health: From Medicalization to Health Care Reform
CHAPTER 49: The Women’s Health Movement in Canada: Looking Back and Moving Forward, Madeline Boscoe, Gwynne Basen, Ghislaine Alleyne, Barbara Bourrier-Lacroic, and Susan White of the Canadian Women’s Health Network
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 30: Activist Insight: Our Bodies, Ourselves
CHAPTER 50: Women, Disability, and the Right to Health, Paula C. Pinto
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 31: Understanding the Social Determinants of Health
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 32: How Sexism and Racism Determine Health
CHAPTER 51: First Peoples, Second Class Treatment, Billie Allan and Janet Smylie
CHAPTER 52: HIV/AIDS, Globalization, and the International Women’s Movement, Sisonke Msimang

Part 4E: Reproductive Rights and Justice
CHAPTER 53: The Women Are Coming: The Abortion Caravan, Judy Rebick
CHAPTER 54: The Coercive Sterilization of Aboriginal Women in Canada, Karen Stote
CHAPTER 55: Debating Feminist Futures: Slippery Slopes, Cultural Anxiety and the Case of the Deaf Lesbians, Alison Kafer
CHAPTER 56: A Primer on Reproductive Justice and Social Change, Loretta Ross, Rickie Solinger, and Population and Development Program at Hampshire College
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 33: Reproductive Rights around the World

Part 4F: Gender Violence
CHAPTER 57: The Ultimate Rape Victim, Jane Doe
CHAPTER 58: Factsheet: Violence against Women, in Canada. Holly Johnson and Emily Colpitts
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 34: Activist Insight: 10 Things Men Can Do to Prevent Gender Violence, Jackson Katz
CHAPTER 59: Digital Defense: Black Feminists Resist Violence with Hashtag Activism, Sherri Williams
CHAPTER 60: More Than a Poster Campaign: Redefining Colonial Violence, Sarah Hunt
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 35: Murders and Disappearances of Aboriginal Women & Girls, Feminist Alliance for International Action
ACTIVIST ART 9: Walking With Our Sisters, The Walking With Our Sisters Collective
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 36: Every Class in Every School, Catherine Taylor and Tracey Peter

Part 5A: Gender and Global Restructuring
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 37: What Is Neo-liberal Globalization? Alison Jagger
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 38: The IMF: Violating Women Since 1945, Christine Ahn and Kavita Ramdas
CHAPTER 61: The Gendered Politics and Violence of Structural Adjustment: A View from Jamaica, Faye V. Harrison
CHAPTER 62: Women’s Labor is Never Cheap: Gendering Global Blue Jeans and Bankers, Cynthia Enloe
CHAPTER 63: Women behind the Labels: Worker Testimonies from Central America, STITCH and the Maquila Solidarity Network
CHAPTER 64: Trump and National Neoliberalism, Sasha Breger Bush

Part 5B: Gender, Migration, and Citizenship
CHAPTER 65: Undoing Border Imperialism, Harsha Walia and Jo-Anne Lee
CHAPTER 66: Immigrant Women in Canada and the United States, Leslie Nichols and Vappu Tyyska
CHAPTER 67: The Door of No Return, Leah Lakshmi Peipzna-Samarisinha
CHAPTER 68: Seeking Refuge from Homophobic and Transphobic Persecution, Sharalyn Jordan and Christine Morrissey

Part 5C: On (Not) Getting by in North America
CHAPTER 69: Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America, Barbara Ehrenreich
CHAPTER 70: When Sex Works: Labour Solidarity for Sex Workers Has Come a Long Way, But More Can Be Done, Jenn Clamen and Kara Gillies
CHAPTER 71: We Speak for Ourselves: Anti-Colonial and Self-Determined Responses to Young People Involved in the Sex Trade, JJ and Ivo
CHAPTER 72: Factsheet: Women and Restructuring in Canada, Deborah Stienstra
CHAPTER 73: The Leaner, Meaner Welfare Machine: The Ontario Conservative Government’s Ideological and Material Attack on Single Mothers, Margaret Hillyard Little
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 40: Ontario Social Assistance Doesn’t Meet Basic Human Needs, Elaine Power
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 41: Homelessness in Canada
CHAPTER 74: Fast Facts: Four Things to Know about Women and Homelessness in Canada, Sadie McInnes
CHAPTER 75: The Little Voices of Nunavut: A Study of Women’s Homelessness North of 60, Qulliit Nunavut Status of Women Council

Part 6A: Feminist and Social Justice Movements in North America
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 42: Activist Insight: The Idle No More Manifesto, Jessica Gordon and the Founders of Idle No More
CHAPTER 76: Idle No More: Indigenous Activism and Feminism, Sonja John
CHAPTER 77: How a Black Lives Matter Toronto Co-Founder Sees Canada, Zane Schwartz and Janaya Khan
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 43: Nine Ways We Can Make Social Justice Movements Less Elitist and More Accessible, Kai Cheng Thom
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 44: A Sense of Place: Expressions of Trans Activism North of Lake Nipissing, Grey Kimber Piitaapan Muldoon, with Dan Irving
CHAPTER 78: The Future of Feminism, Judy Rebick
ACTIVIST ART 10: Puna Kuakea, Joy Enomoto
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 45: Activist Insight: This Country’s History Cannot be Deleted, Angela Davis

Part 6B: Transnational Feminisms: Challenges and Possibilities
CHAPTER 79: Transnational Feminism, Corrine Mason
CHAPTER 80: Defying, Producing, and Overlooking Stereotypes? The Complexities of Mobilizing “Grandmotherhood” as Political Strategy, May Chazan and Stephanie Kittmer
CHAPTER 81: Feminisms and the Social Media Sphere, Mehreen Kasana
SNAPSHOTS AND SOUNDWAVES 46: Feminism without Borders

Margaret Hobbs

Margaret Hobbs is Associate Professor in the Department of Gender and Women's Studies at Trent University.

Gender and Women's Studies in Canada, Gender and Women's Studies, Second Edition

Carla Rice

Carla Rice is Canada Research Chair in Care, Gender, and Relationships and an Associate Professor at the University of Guelph.

Gender and Women's Studies in Canada, Gender and Women's Studies, Second Edition


Praise for the first edition:

“A systematic pathway through the essentials—body, sexuality, reproduction, representation, labour, citizenship, masculinity, violence, poverty, health—needed at entry levels of Women’s and Gender Studies.”

—Carol Williams, Associate Professor and Chair, Women and Gender Studies, University of Lethbridge

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