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Approx 250 pages
5.5 x 8.25 inches
May 2017
Print ISBN: 9780889615946
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Lee Maracle’s Bobbi Lee Indian Rebel tells the narrative of an Indigenous woman raised in North America who finds her strength despite the forces that challenge and oppress her. Grippingly honest, Lee’s autobiographical exploration of post-colonial tensions in Toronto circa 1960-1980 sheds light on the existing racist and sexist sentiments affecting Indigenous women. Reflective of the struggles Indigenous communities face today, this book continues to hold a place within contemporary Indigenous and women’s studies classrooms.

New and updated, this edition features a preface by Lee Maracle and a foreword by Jeanette Armstrong.

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Table of Contents


Turbulent Childhood

Early Rebellion

With California Farmworkers

Problems At Home

Hippie Life-Style 1967

Toronto: Anti-War Demonstrations and Racism

"A Real Bad Trip"

Involved With Life Again

Red Power


Street Patrol

Out of the City


Confronting White Chauvinism


Lee Maracle

Lee Maracle is a Professor of Aboriginal Studies at the University of Toronto and an award-winning author and poet. She has received a “Writer of the Year” award from Circle Craft, a North American Native writer’s circle and the JT Stewart Award for her body of work. She has an Honorary Doctorate from St. Thomas University and received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal.

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“This story is as poignant and powerful as it was when it first stunned an emerging generation fifteen years ago. This is the charged story of a Native woman who has done more than survive, who despite great odds has burst forth singing a warrior song. She dares to question that which is most painful in this continental wounding (call it history, call it genocide) larger than all of us. You will be changed.”
—  Joy Harjo

"Bobbi Lee confronts white Canadian society on the ground that it stole from the First Nations of this country. A tough autobiography of an Indian woman's life from the mud flats of Second Narrows Bridge, Vancouver, to the Toronto of the sixties and seventies, Lee Maracle gives us an important sense of the tough terrain of struggle toward political consciousness which all oppressed peoples undertake. Bobbi Lee is a hopeful work for recovering the possibilities of envisioning a world where we are not beaten down every day."
—  Dionne Brand

"With courage, honesty, humour and integrity, Lee Maracle has set down on paper the beginnings of her life-journey. Her story is not pretty nor is it a romantic vision, but a true and clear history of growing up Native and female in North America. This book belongs on all bookshelves alongside Maria Campbell's Half Breed. Thank you, Women's Press Literary, for reprinting this essential chronicle of a Native woman's struggle to remain whole within a society of racist and sexist ideology. Thank you, Lee, for taking pen in hand and offering your story that we, who are also Native and female, can find the hope and strength to fight for the dignity denied us."
—  Beth Brant

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