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This collection places Asian women centre stage and challenges a dichotomized view of Asia and the "west" or "north." It offers an understanding of Asian women in their networks of connections through the work of feminist scholars discussing Asian women in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. While the focus is on how Asian women are socially constructed and represented in books, on screen, and in the media, it also includes discussions on how Asian women present and represent themselves.

Few books deal with Asian women's interconnections, and yet fewer express the range of theoretical perspectives, linkages, and disciplines that are the focus of this collection. Asian Women: Interconnections opens important intellectual discussions about Asian Canadian feminism, and comparative feminisms.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Tineke Hellwig and Sunera Thobani


Chapter 1: Issues in Constituting asian-canadian feminisms -
Jo-Anne Lee
Why now? Why This Term?
What's in a Name?
asian canadian as a Political Constituency
acf as Ambiguity and Struggle
The Need for asian-canadian feminist Thought
A Beginning
acf in Women's Studies Classrooms
Asian Feminist Transnationalism

Chapter 2: Modernization and Global Restructuring of Women's Work: Border-Crossing Stories of Iranian Women - Parin Dossa
The Intersectionality Paradigm: "Why Can I Not Work in Canada?"
Border Crossing
First Moments
The Canvas of Life

Chapter 3: Emancipation of Oppression in Diaspora? Korean Women Academics and Their Diasporic Experience - Hyaeweol Choi
Alternative Space Imagined for Women
Rearticulation of Gender Identity through Transnational Experience
Becoming Women of "Colour"

Chapter 4: Diasporic Culture and Women in Diaspora: The Case of Rene Wu - Limin Bai
No Education for Girls: A Chinese Childhood in Australia
Rene's Marriage: Following Your Rooster When You Are Married to a Rooster
Diasporic Culture and Implications for Women in Diaspora


Chapter 5: Translation and Transformation in Chorus of Mushrooms and When Fox Is a Thousand - Shao-Pin Luo
Story: Remembering
Myth: Retelling
Poetry: Revisioning
Conclusion: Transformations

Chapter 6: Abusive Mothers: Literary Representations of the Mother Figure in Three Ethnic Chinese Writers: Hsieh Ping-ying, Denis Chong, and Chen Ying - Maria Ng
Hsieh Ping-ying and Mothers in May Fourth Writing
Chinese Canadian Writers Representing Mothers

Chapter 7: From Dragon Lady to Action Hero: Race and Gender in Popular Western Television - Yasmin Jiwani
Problematizing "Asian" Women
Historical Representations: The Legacy
Contemporary Representations
Dragon Ladies and Warrior Women
The Warrior Woman and the Asian Goddess
Condensing Two Traditions in One Sign


Chapter 8: Uncertain Triangles: Lesbian Desire in Hong Kong Cinema - Helen Hok-Sze Leung
Prologue: Beyond the Marriage Debates
Hong Kong Cinema and the Lesbian Subject
Theories of Triangles
Heroic Masculinity and Femme Invisibility
Romance and Its Discontent
Heterosexual Horrors

Chapter 9: "Pop" Feminism in China: The Expansion of Women's Studies to Popular Women's Magazines - Sharon R. Wesoky
Women's Studies in China
Women's Magazines and Feminist Activism
Women's Studies in Women's Magazines

Chapter 10: Knowledge Crossing Borders: Images of South Asian Women in Newspaper Reporting on Sex-Selection Practices - Marsha Henry
Worlds Apart? Analyzing Canadian Newspapers in Relation to SSP
Hierarchies within: Analyzing Indian Newspapers in Relation to SSP

Notes on the Contributors
Copyright Acknowledgements

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