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Short, Patricia
Shroff, Farah M.
The New Midwifery
Shukla, Shailesh
Indigenous Food Systems
Silman, Janet
Enough is Enough
Silva-Wayne, Susan
Feminisms and Womanisms
Smith, Charles C.
Feminism, Law, Inclusion
Stoppard, Janet
Women's Bodies, Women's Lives
Strega, Susan
Research as Resistance, Second Edition
Swan, Tracy A.
LGBTQ People and Social Work
Swart, Elizabeth
Women's Voices from the Margins
Tastsoglou, Evangelia
Immigrant Women in Atlantic Canada
Thobani, Sunera
Asian Women
Thomas Bernard, Wanda
Women in the "Promised Land"
Torri, Maria Costanza
Complementary, Alternative, and Traditional Medicine
Vosko, Leah
Studies in Political Economy
Wallis, Maria A.
Daily Struggles
Walton, Fiona
Sivumut — Towards the Future Together
Wane, Njoki Nathani
Back to the Drawing Board
Whitehead, Paul C.
The Insanity of Alcohol
Zawilski, Valerie
Body Studies in Canada