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Fry, Kate
Trans Youth Stories
Gahagan, Jacqueline
Women and HIV Prevention in Canada
Gannon, Susanne
Becoming Girl
Goldstein, Tara
Weaving Connections
Gonick, Marnina
Becoming Girl
Gosbee, Donna
Women and Genocide
Graham, John
Violence in the Family
Grant, Karen
Thinking Women and Health Care Reform in Canada
Greaves, Lorraine
Making It Better
Greig, Christopher J.
Canadian Men and Masculinities
Guettel, Charnie
Marxism and Feminism
Halliday, Aria S.
The Black Girlhood Studies Collection
Halpern Zisman, Laine
Queerly Canadian, Second Edition, Women and Popular Culture in Canada
Hamdan, Amani
Muslim Women Speak
Handa, Amita
Of Silk Saris & Mini-Skirts
Haworth-Brockman, Margaret
Thinking Women and Health Care Reform in Canada
Hayes, Michael J.
The Insanity of Alcohol
Heald, Susan
Troubling Women's Studies
Hellwig, Tineke
Asian Women
Herriot, Dr. Lindsay
Trans Youth Stories
Hobbs, Margaret
Gender and Women's Studies, Second Edition
Hoodfar, Homa
The Muslim Veil in North America
Hornosty, Jennie M.
Complementary, Alternative, and Traditional Medicine
Hyndman, Nicky
More Than It Seems
Irving, Dan
Trans Activism in Canada
Jackson, Beth
Thinking Women and Health Care Reform in Canada
Jacobs, Merle
Is Anyone Listening?
Jaya, Peruvemba S.
Immigrant Women in Atlantic Canada
Kannen, Victoria
Gendered Bodies and Public Scrutiny, The Spaces and Places of Canadian Popular Culture
Karaian, Lara
Turbo Chicks
Keeble, Edna
Politics and Sex
Kidd, Dorothy
The Journal Project
Kilty, Jennifer M.
Within the Confines
Kufeldt, Kathleen
Protecting Children
Kwok, Siu-ming
Daily Struggles
Lawrence, Bonita
Strong Women Stories
Lawson, Erica
Back to the Drawing Board
LeBox, Annette
Miracle at Willowcreek
Lenskyj, Helen
Out of Bounds
Liu, Lichun Willa
More Than It Seems
Luhmann, Susanne
Troubling Women's Studies
Luxton, Meg
More than a Labour of Love - Women's Press Classics
MacDonald, Gayle
Feminism, Law, Inclusion
Maracle, Lee
Bobbi Lee Indian Rebel, Ravensong - A Novel