Women’s Press
Canada’s leading academic feminist publisher
Canada’s leading academic feminist publisher
2015 everywomans almanac cvr
145 pages
4.5 x 6.5 inches
July 2015
Print ISBN: 9780889615281
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In 1976, Women’s Press published the first edition of the Everywoman’s Almanac, a monthly planner and datebook that combined original artwork, personal essays, fiction, and interviews. The Almanac was published annually and organized around a different theme each year, such as 500 Years of Survival: First Nations Women (1992), Women’s Response to the Nuclear Threat (1985), and Women Write the City (2004). This refreshingly thoughtful and critical alternative to your typical datebook soon became a staple for many busy Canadian women and could be seen in meetings and classrooms across the country.

If you have memories of the Almanac, then you know it is an intensely personal book, a book meant to be used daily, written in, doodled on, marked by clips and bands, customized to you—the user. This year’s Almanac is also personal for those of us at Women’s Press, as the theme is the history of the press itself. In these pages, you will find a snapshot of our history, quotations and images from our past publications, and reflections from some of our most notable authors—an inspiring collection of academics, activists, and intellectuals, including Kim Anderson, Anne Rochon Ford, Dionne Falconer, and Meg Luxton. As you write down appointments, birthdays, and deadlines in these pages, we hope you enjoy reflecting on some of that history.

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