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2000 the secret wish of nannerl mozart cvr
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208 pages
5.25 x 7.25 inches
Print ISBN: 9781894549080
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Nannerl Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's sister, was also a musical genius. This is the story that could have been...

Nannerl Mozart's twelfth birthday wish is to become a famous composer. She's already considered a brilliant musician, touring Europe with her little brother Wolfgang and playing the clavier for queens and kings in the great courts. But Papa doesn't take her seriously as a composer and won't even teach her to play the violin or the organ. Mama usually has a list of household chores for her, and Wolfi always manages to steal everybody's attention.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
The Birthday Party

Chapter 2
A Notebook for Nannerl

Chapter 3
The Secret Symphony

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
An Organ and a Broken Wheel

Chapter 6
The Nymphenburg

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
The Mannheim Orchestra

Chapter 9
Wolfi's Fever Tune

Chapter 10
The Kerpen Family Orchestra

Chapter 11

Chapter 12
An Unexpected Guest

Chapter 13
A Violin Lesson

Chapter 14

Chapter 15
The Christmas Day Concert

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“With a combination of historical fact and imaginative speculation, this fascinating novel explores Nannerl's painful dilemma as she watches all the accolades go to her younger brother 'Wolfi' but refuses to abandon her dream of composing her own symphony.”
—  Chatelaine

"Get transported to the 18th century and the courts of the crowned heads of Europe ... Nickel's fictional story, which uses many historical details, is a fascinating look at a talented young woman ..."
—  OWL Canadian Family

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